Youth brings the zenith of health and the surge of sex hormones in young
boys.Pubertal and adolescents are the one who witness this most beautiful
transition in life .Life has got its shades of blue ,green ,gray. Perceptions of well being are governed by its peer value advised by seniors and the wrong /right information available in  the media .We see young males visiting with complaints of staining of undergarments while sleep and lots of tension as if
something wrong has happened.The usual complaints of feeling weaker , low
energy drive. People make you feel weaker and your mind responds to this and  you get
yourself drowned in something you don’t have in reality. Nightfall corresponds
to your surge of hormones and its balancing act of release. It is a normal
phenomena   mostly in people not masturbating or  not sexually active.Dhat syndrome is a misnomer.Misconceptions are been given wrong lead by quacks.Whom to visit ? Patients consult a ganeneral physician ,Urologist, or if needed a hormonal evaluation  by an Endocrinologist.