Indian population is running towards westernization at a scary pace. In this race we are compromising on some of the most essential and important aspects of our traditional Indian food wisdom. But, surprisingly the western medicinal world is recognizing the immense health benefits of this same knowledge. Unfortunately, until our good old “haldiwala doodh” doesn’t get renamed as “Turmeric latte”, we don’t notice it, forget in believing in the health benefits of this beverage.

  • Turmeric milk 

This age old beverage is packed with numerous health benefits. It’s antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic properties help to treat and relieve a host of illness. Turmeric milk helps to treat cold and cough, relieves joint pain and swelling, helps to sleep, improves bone health, eases digestion and diarrhea, relieves menstrual cramps, acts as a natural blood thinner, gives a natural glow to your skin and also aids in weight loss. These are just few of the health benefits it offers. So, ditch the alcohol and make this golden beverage your night cap.

  • Ghee

This source of fat has had its own share of brickbats but just recently has been getting a lot of bouquets. Predictably after being recognized by the western world for the health benefits it offers.1 tsp. of ghee helps your digestion, lubricates your intestines thus preventing constipation. Not only this, ghee helps pregnant mothers lubricate the birth canal and also various joints etc. to ease the baby’s delivery. Ghee has a higher smoking point than vegetable oils, is stable at room temperature. Yes, its 100% fat, but research has shown that the kind of fat ghee contains, acts as an anti – inflammatory agent, apart from helping in the growth of gut bacteria, and can also inhibit cancer growth. It’s suitable for people suffering from lactose intolerance. And also has positive heart health factors.

  • Use copper vessel

Research has shown that copper, a trace mineral is involved in almost every bodily process and therefore its presence in the body in adequate amounts becomes very important. Copper has antibacterial properties and water stored in copper vessels for a minimum of 6 to 8 hours is known to kill bacteria. It has anti-inflammatory properties and helps in relieving arthritic pain. The water stored in copper vessels becomes positively charged naturally and does not turn stale, though it may taste a bit odd due to the copper leaching in the water. From helping in the absorption of iron to playing an important role in the generation of phospho-lipids that contribute in the healthy functioning of your brain, copper has a hand in every process. It helps in people suffering from thyroid hormone imbalances as well. Research has also shown the copper helps to reduce high blood pressure and also aids in weight loss.

Don’t dismiss every nutritional tip passed down the generation as bogus or unscientific, because often there is a science behind it!