More often than not we see in Indian households that a person with specific symptoms is advised medicines by friends and family because ‘so and so’ had the same symptoms and the doctor recommended those medicines and they worked.

Here, the age, sex, weight, height, and every aspect of the other person are ignored. Do you think it works? No, it doesn’t work except in case of a few generic medicines like acidity, pain-killers, etc. In that case, also the dosage varies as per age.

Let’s see why it doesn’t work:

  • Sometimes the symptoms are hormone induced. For example, in the case of skin rashes or pimples, abdominal pain in women, etc. Here specific medicines are prescribed to the patient keeping in mind their sex, age, and other aspects.
  • The components in medicines vary in mg. Only your doctor knows how much your body requires. That’s why sometimes doctors recommend only half a medicine. Doctors at Bansal Global Hospital strictly prohibit self-medication as an overdose can be lethal for your health.
  • Children and adults have different requirements and that’s true for medicines as well. Never should one offer adult medicine to children without consulting with specialist paediatricians.

If there is an emergency, one should consult a nursing home or a hospital without providing any medicine to the suffering people. Only first-aid along with generic medicines should be given till expert advice.