Normal v/s Caesarean is an ever going debate when it comes to pregnant women. Both have its own pros and cons. The choice is yours generally but when there is danger to the baby or mother, gynaecologists frequently recommend caesarean.

One of the most common reasons for caesarean is when the foetus happens to somehow get a cord around the neck. So, is it necessary in such a condition to go for caesarean? Well, the condition is of course tricky but it isn’t 100% necessary in all cases to go for a caesarean.

Taking an example of a case at Bansal Global Hospital, a woman consulted a gynaecologist at 35 weeks pregnancy because she has such a condition and others have concretely told her to go for caesarean. The lady wasn’t comfortable with it and was really scared of the procedure.

Our doctor took this lady’s fears into consideration and after carefully examining and tests and ultrasound, decided to follow vaginal delivery procedure before getting to the last option (caesarean).

The baby was delivered normally (vaginally) and now both the mother and the baby are in perfect health.

So, it isn’t just about panicking at the slightest. If your doctor is well-experienced, it is possible to go for normal deliveries in difficult situations. Of course, if the situation is too complex, doctors handle it differently and go for caesarean as the last resort.

If you are an expecting mother with cord around the neck of the baby detected in ultrasound, you can connect with your gynaecologist to refrain from caesarean delivery straight away!