Do You Still Love Your Silver Fillings?Are you heavy? It could be making you sick and tired in the age prematurely. I don’t mean heavy with fat, I mean heavy with heavy metals like mercury. Millions of people have dental amalgam mercury fillings implanted in their teeth. Dental amalgam contains 50% mercury which is highly toxic metal. Mercury vapors leaks out of amalgam fillings, which leads to mercury poisoning. Mercury poisoning can cause chronic fatigue, migraine, depression, cancer, memory loss, autism,diabetes, insomnia, stomach pain, arthritis, asthma, allergies, infertility etc. Mercury is so toxic that at certain levels it drives the people mad; even the tiniest amount is regarded as unsafe. At lower levels (no one quite know how low they are)the metal attacks the brain, the central nervous system producing symptoms which include nervousness and irritability, lack of concentration, loss of memory and self confidence, mood swings, anxiety etc.Because there can be other causes of these symptoms so no one associate dental amalgam with them. There is no point in exposing yourselves to mercury toxins if dentists have other options for filling and replacing broken fillings. Mercury is poisonous and it has no safe levels and WHO has determined that. Dentists have been using dental amalgam for over a century convinced to their safely.Mercury is used to bond other metals together to make a cheap, efficient and durable filling. Yet no one has proven the mercury that goes in our bodies is safe. Dentists consider it safe because there are no identifiable side effects.The dentists may not be the right people to look for the symptoms of low level mercury poisoning. The first evidence of mercury journey into the body came 10 years ago. Dentists always said that the mercury stayed inert in the fillings. But the scientist discovered that amalgam filling releases mercury vapor that enters bloodstream. Experiments were done on monkeys which shattered the comfortable illusion that the mercury in amalgam is safe and stable. It found out to be a time released poisoning. Mercury even goes in the brain of an unborn child crossing the placenta from the mother. Under any circumstances, it should be avoided to implant such a heavy toxic metal in the mouth of expecting mothers and in young children whose brain are still not developed. Mercury poisoning is most alarming disease causing source of environmental toxicity and there is no doubt in this. In the Journal of Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (1993) it is mentioned that Mercury released from dental ‘silver’fillings provokes an increase in mercury and antibiotic resistance of bacteriain primates oral and intestinal flora.Visityour dentist to replace your old silver fillings with white fillings which arenot only safer but good looking too!�?���˶