Back Pain – Prevention & Cure

Back pain is a serious health hazard, which affects the middle age group. The prevalence has increased in the recent years. It has become hard to control this problem because of the modern, stressful & sedentary lifestyle of our society.  


The most common reason is wear& tear of Spinal Joints and Discs that leads to swelling called Spondylitis.  Increased amount of calcium deposition in this area leads to bony formation that narrows the canal, through which the spinal nerves exit and there is a tendency for slipping of the disc. This may result in acute back pain which may radiate down the back or side of the thighs and calf muscles. If proper care is not taken, it generally results in numbness, and muscle weakness.


Regular exercise and proper posture has to be maintained, while at work and during commute hours.  It is recommended to avoid sitting or standing for long periods, sleeping in awkward position and using excessively soft mattresses. 7-8 hours of continuous sleep will reduce body’s pain sensitivity.



Rest & Pain relieving drugs will be helpful in very mild cases. Skilled physiotherapy consultation is of utmost importance when pain becomes more severe and chronic. Stiff spinal joints, compressed nerves, tight muscle bands and painful trigger points should be manually released in order to maintain joint flexibility and muscle smoothness. Pelvic traction and Interferential Therapy (IFT) will also be helpful to reduce pain. Spinal exercises and posture correction exercises must be followed for permanent results.