Spine / Backbone / Vertebral column is made of 33 individual bones(vertebrae) stacked one on top of the other with inter-vertebral disc, tendons, ligaments, spinal nerves & muscles to provide main support to body & allow to stand upright .

Adult spine has natural "S" shape with 33 number of vertebrae’s.

  1. Cervical spine (neck) = 7
  2. Thoracic spine (mid back) =12
  3. Lumbar spine (lower back) =5
  4. Sacrum & coccyx (tail) = 9

Today a cervical - lumbar spine problem has become part of life due to lifestyle.

The time tested complete treatment & cure for spinal problems is in AYURVEDIC THERAPIES & MEDICINES.

Medicated oil massage & steam relieves muscle spasm, stiffness, pain. Medicated oil massage increases the blood flow / circulation to that area which helps in healing & maintaining proper tone of muscles. Medicated steam opens the pores so that oil gets deeper to joint & articulation to provide lubrication. Steam also helps to detoxify in results to make it feel light & free to move.

In KATI BASTI/MANYA BASTI oil helps to accumulate osteophytes (tiny bone particles like chalk dust) together. According to Ayurvedic principles it reduces the VATA in joint as well in body which is responsible for degeneration, pain, deterioration. 

Some physician says that it takes a time. YES, it takes a little time to cure as it actually treats the root cause &
heals naturally; it’s not like just pain killer momentary effect.