Mobile phones are a necessary part of our daily lives. We all are addicted to our cell phones. As per studies, more than 50 % of adults are addicted to their cell phones and frequently linked to anxiety, depression and other mental illness. The controversial connection between cell phones and cancer is always unclear. There are so many studies on cell phones causing cancers that may have antagonistic results. Now we are going to explain how cell phones affect our daily lives and cause various health disorders including cancer.

How Cell Phones Affect Our Daily Lives?

Excess of everything is bad. Most of the population in this world are addicted to their cell phones. These cell phones emit electromagnetic radiations which show harmful effects and leads to diseases.

Impact of cell phones on different body parts

  1. Impact on Heart - The electromagnetic radiations emitted by cell phones causes hemoglobin to escape from RBC’s and its accumulation leads to various cardiac disorders.

  2. Impact on Brain - In children, the radiations are absorbed 10 times more frequently which retards the mental growth of the child by damaging the brain tissue. In adults, it causes various neurological and psychiatric problems.

  3. Impact on Upper Limb - Prolonged use of cell phones causes pain in the wrist and hand due to inflammation of the tendons. It causes trigger thumb, thumb arthritis and affects the movement and flexibility of the thumb.

  4. Impact on Eyes - Excessive use of mobile phones hampers our eyesight and leads to various ophthalmic diseases like dry eye syndrome, sore eyes, and conjunctival lesions, etc.

  5. Chronic strain on the Neck Muscles - Neck muscles experience strain due to prolonged stretching and pressure on the vertebral artery. Later on, the patient may suffer from cervical spondylosis.

  6. Impact on the Skin - The people who use excess cell phones are more prone to develop Acne, spots on the skin and various types of skin allergies. As the radiation affects the skin of the human body to a certain extent.

  7. Affects the Intelligence of a Person - Another adverse effect of cell phone is that it affects the intelligence of the person and decreases the immunity. The patient may experience other symptoms like headaches, nausea, fatigue, etc. These symptoms cumulatively decrease the concentration power of the brain and affect intelligence.

  8. Impacts on the Biological Clock - Due to the emission of electromagnetic radiations, the production of melatonin is suppressed resulting in a reduction of sleep time and affects the physiological clock.

Do Cells Phones Really Cause Cancer?

Cell phones help us in many ways. Like they make us organized, improves our communication skills, helpful in daily utilities, and a very good source of entertainment. No matter mobile phones are very useful but we have to limit their use because we can’t ignore the adverse effects of cell phones.

Cell phones emit electromagnetic radiation. These radiations affect the environment and humans life. It is evident that birds are very sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, so an increase in numbers of cell phone towers causes damage to the eggs and embryos of sparrows and other birds.

According to the studies, it is the most discussed topic for a long time. Some studies show that these electromagnetic rays are carcinogenic in nature but some don’t agree with this cessation. So it is unclear and debate still continues that Cell phones are responsible for causing cancer or not.

Herbs Which Helps In Enhancing The Brain Functions And Prevent Its Damage

Ayurveda holds a solution to every problem. There are some herbs that enhance the function of the brain and boost immunity. These herbs prevent the body from various adverse effects. Consider the following herbs:-

  1. Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri)
  2. Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)
  3. Gotukola (Centella asiatica)


At last, we can say it is difficult to say cell phones cause cancer but they possess many adverse effects and affect the quality of life. By reducing the usage of mobile phones in the daily lives we can make our lives healthier and risk of developing various diseases is also reduced to some extent.