Today, the markets are highly flooded by a number of penis enlargement methods. Many manufacturers claim that the products of penis enlargement provide a larger penis to all the men who aim to increase the overall size of their penises. Some people also consider the option of penis surgery to enlarge the same. However, according to many reports, none of these methods actually work. These reports further claim that the penis only stretches itself a little bit, and hence the size of thepenis of a person never changes.

Listed below are some of the most common practices and methods that are adopted by the men for penis enlargement: 

Traction Devices:

These devices aim to increase the overall length of the penis. This is done by the way of stretching the penile tissue. Weight or small extending frame is placed on the flaccid penis and the same is lengthened gently. According to reports and studies, penile extenders are the only evidence-based technique that helps to lengthen the size of the penis and the results so involved may not be inferior to the surgery opted by some people. However, this method of penisenlargement gives varied results.

Vacuum devices:

A vacuum device comprises a tube that fits over the penis. Air is pumped out which creates a vacuum. This entire process then helps to draw blood into the penis of a person, thereby making it swell. The use of vacuum devices is mostly done to treat problems such as erectile dysfunction as well as impotence. However, there is no strong evidence about the effectiveness of this penis enlargement method.

Pills and potions: 

Different kinds of pills, creams, and lotions are available in the market that claims to increase the overall size of the penis of a person. These products are believed to be containing vitamins, herbs, or hormones. However, there is no strong evidence to support this penis enlargement method either.

Penis surgery: 

Penile surgery has two different kinds namely, penile augmentation as well as a suspensory ligament release. However, both of them are believed to be neither safe nor effective for penis enlargement. One must never feel embarrassed about the size of his penis. Penis enlargement treatment should be opted only after consulting with your doctor.