DASH means (D)ietary (A)pproaches to (S)top (H)ypertension.

If you have hypertension or in lay man's language high B.P. follow these simple dietary tips :

  1. SALT: Too much salt or sodium can cause body to retain water which increases B.P. You should stick to low salt diet in that case. Avoid junk, packaged, tinned, processed foods as they contain sodium. Low sodium variety of salt is now available in the market. use it for daily consumption.
  2. GET POTASSIUM: Since potassium balances sodium, it helps in lowering B.P. High potassium foods are green leafy vegetables, lemon, fruits, citrus fruits, coconut water. Include them for lower B.P. readings.
  3. WHOLE GRAINS AND CEREALS: They have fiber and hence are heart healthy food. High fiber foods like green leafy vegetables, oats, dals, salads, apple, oranges, broccoli,etc are higher in volume and take longer time to digest, give feeling of fullness and is also  great for weight-loss. Limit use of refined flours, cookies, breads, pastas and include multi grain atta, daliya, oats in your daily diet plan.
  4. MILK AND MILK PRODUCTS: Opt for low fat milk and dairy product. various types of cheese, cheese slices are high in saturated fat. So it is recommended to use toned and skimmed variety of milk for daily intake.
  5. COFFEE: Studies have found correlation between coffee and high B.P. Caffeine can cause short but dramatic increase in B.P. Being hypertensive if you want to enjoy coffee opt for decaffeinated coffee versions.
  6. STRESS AND SLEEP: Stress levels can be reduced by following healthy lifestyle and making positive changes in one's life. Having a peaceful sleep for 8 hours a day on proper time also reduces stress level and thereby bringing down B.P. Lack of sleep also increases your appetite which will also lead to weight gain.  Due to lack of sleep your metabolism also slows down.

Enjoy journey to health.