• INCLUDE GREEN VEGGIES: As they are rich in various nutrients which plays vital role in management of  PCOS . These have various micronutrients like iron, calcium, potassium, and magnesium etc

• INCLUDE FRUITS: These have phytonutrients, fibre, vitamins and minerals. have a handful of nuts with fruits as protein helps to regulate the sugar spike resulting from fruit

• INCLUDE COLOURED AND WHITE VEGETABLES: These have anti oxidants to combat oxidative stress with high number of free radicals

• INCLUDE HEALTHY FATS: essential fatty acids are really imp. for maintaining cell wall, which allows nutrients in and toxins out.


• Avoid high glycemic index foods as they rise the blood sugar levels quickly ,they are designed in order to remove fiber and other vital nutrients so that they may be tasty but they are high in calories while lacking in nutrients which ultimately will only put on weight unnecessarily.

• Avoid soy products which has been implicated in delayed ovulation. not enough studies have been done on the impact of soy in women with PCOS and soy in limited or small quantity may have little effect. Thus it is highly recommended to avoid  soy those who are trying to conceive

• Avoid BAD FATS: saturated ,hydrogenated and trans fats are all that should be avoided. saturated fats ,found in red meats and dairy products, cause an increase in oestrogen production, hinder the absorption of some nutrients and can cause weight gain.

• TRANS AND HYDROGENATED FATS , from cooking oil, margarine and processed foods,increase your risk of heart disease and diabetes,both of which are already at high risk.