1. Insulin dependent diabetes- its due to autoimmune beta-cell destruction ( also known as type 1 diabetes). Mainly occur childern and young adults.

2.Non-Insulin dependent diabetes-   its due to insulin resistance , impaired insulin secretion also known as type 2 diabetes. associated with obesity.

3.Gestational diabetes- occurs 2-5% of all pregnancies, disappears after delivery.

4.Genetic defects in beta-cell destruction 

5. Mutation in insulin receptors

6. Diseases or injuries in pancreas ; Pancreatitis, neoplasm , cystic fibrosis, Trauma , Pancreatectomy.

7.Infection- Congenital rubella 

8.Drug induced - Glucocorticocoids, Thyroharmone, Dilantin(anti-epileptic drug), Thiazides( Treat high blood pressure)

9. Endocrinopathies- Acromegaly, Cushing syndromes, Glucoma

10.Genetic syndromes- Down syndromes , Huntingtons chorea, Myotonic dystrophy