I am starting this blog about “Diabetes Self Management made simple” by sharing my knowledge about Diabetes.

Diabetes as most of us would have heard, is a silent killer. If blood sugars are uncontrolled, it leads to complications that affect our eyes, heart, nerves, brain and kidneys.These complications can occur over some days or months or years and most often people with diabetes do not realize this since they lead a normal life and feel perfectly alright despite their blood sugars running high, most of the times.

With their busy work schedules the body’s clues that something is not normal is conveniently ignored and neglected as the symptoms do not call for immediate attention.

The International Diabetes Federation and other Organisations such as American Diabetes Association, Canadian Diabetes Association, British Diabetes association and in fact many developed countries are investing a lot of money on educating people about Diabetes Self Management to prevent complications of this silent killer.

So, it is very important that we get a little more serious with our health and see ourselves as healthy people in future, for years to come.

We may know what we are now with having diabetes….but we CAN lead a healthy life with diabetes if we KNOW how we can do this only if we are willing to effect some changes from within.