Improvements and skills of the doctors creating the hairline and placing the hairs in the bald and thinning areas also help create natural-looking results.   Thanks to these advances, the results can look so natural that anyone cannot guess one had anything done.

Results depend largely on the surgeon one select:    

Dermatologists specialize in conditions that affect our skin, hair, and nails, so they know a lot about hair loss

Men and women of all races can be good candidates for a hair transplant. 

To be considered for a hair transplant, one need two things:

  1.   Required healthy hair on  scalp that can be transplanted to the area that needs hair
  2.  The ability to grow hair on the thinning area of ones scalp

What happens during hair transplant?

 One can expect a hair transplant to take between 4 and 8 hours. If one has  large amount of hair transplanted, he may need to return for a few hours the next day.   Most patients remain awake during the entire surgery and need only an anesthesia that makes the scalp numb. Some patients also take a mild sedative to help them relax.  

Depending on the number of hairs to be transplanted, 2 to 3 members of the hair transplant team may help place the healthy hairs into the area that needs hair. Once all the hairs have been transplanted, patient scalp will be bandaged and will be given instructions for at-home care.

When do patients see results from a hair transplant?

Most patients see results between 6 and 9 months after surgery. For some patients, it takes 12 months. 

To get the best results from a hair transplant Medicine helps because hair loss and thinning can continue, even after a hair transplant.