Dental implants have become an easy option to replace missing or diseased teeth. Implants have 2 parts- a titanium screw which is placed inside the bone and the cap which is placed over it. The usual treatment time for a dental implant is roughly 3 months.  

Sometimes when the bone or gum tissue is not adequate after tooth extraction, it might need to be increased prior to placement of an implant. This can increase the time period for completion of therapy, however, it is important that if there is such a deficiency, it is assessed by the clinician. Dental implants, once placed, offer immense esthetic and functional benefits to the patient. Contrary to popular belief, implants need not be an expensive treatment modality. 

It is crucial that dental implant therapy be rendered by a specialist, preferably someone who is U.S. Board certified. Usually Periodontists and Oral surgeons are the most common specialists placing dental implants worldwide.