Today, health has become an important resource for a happy lifestyle. We come across many difficulties related to hygiene at home or at our workplace. We are very conscious about hygiene and healthy living and it is necessary also. But most importantly, after all this, we ignore some of the hygiene habits related to the mouth. 


1. Place bristles along the gum line at a 45-degree angulation so that it can contact both tooth surfaces and gum line.

2. Gently brushing outer surfaces of the front upper and lower teeth in back and forth motions and rolling motion and same you can do it for back teeth also.

3. Tilt the brush such that it can properly brush both inner surfaces of upper and lower, front, and teeth gently without hurting the gums.

4. Place the brush against the biting surfaces of the back teeth from canine, premolars, and molars and gently move the brush in back and forth motion.

It is essential to take care of your dental health for a happy and stable life, so do not ignore your oral hygiene and do not miss visiting the dentist at least twice a year.

There are many problems related to dental and their treatments are as follows:

1.  Complete scaling and polishing done for stains, plaque, calculus.

2. Root canal treatments, Post and core and crown or bridges for decayed, destructed, or broken teeth due to any accidents.

3. Wisdom teeth extraction surgery which is common in teenagers to adult patients.

4. Removable, complete denture treatment for old age patents.

5. Bleaching and teeth whitening for yellowish teeth due to fluorosis.

6. Complete oral rehabilitation.

7. Dental jewelry to bring a star-like shine to your teeth.

8. Orthodontic treatments for irregular positioning of teeth.

9. Any type of major and minor surgery of jaws for infections, oral cancer, dental implants, apicectomy, etc.

10. Laser treatments for many types of dental surgeries can be performed.