Oral health is widely neglected and I am going to share tips and tricks to enhance your oral health as the mouth is the gateway to the body's general health. If your mouth is not healthy, your body will not be healthy!

Depending on your lifestyle choices and oral habits you will see the following various changes in your teeth by the age of 40:

Colour of your teeth: staining and graying due to wine, smoking, turmeric in your food, or caffeine

Position changes: teeth start to moves apart and spaces or crowding occurs

Size: flattening of teeth due to teeth grinding while asleep due to stress (bruxism)

Also, erosion of the enamel can occur due to citrus fruits and carbonated beverages consumed over the years. Especially, apple cider vinegar.

Sensitivity can be another complaint. The cause has to be addressed and treated. 

For example you may need a nightguard or a filling. 

Collection of tartar and plaque on your teeth which cause bad breath and weakening of your gums. A thorough cleaning once in 6 months can be beneficial if this is your concern.

Some treatment options depending on your type of condition:

For making your teeth whiter and brighter, teeth whitening can be done. This can be done in the dental clinic as well as at home. Consult your dentist to know which is the best option for you.

If your teeth have started to move apart or have started to get crowded, you will have to get braces or invisible aligners done. A lot of transparent options are available nowadays.

You may need fillings or crowns/caps depending on the extent of damage due to teeth grinding and erosion.

Home remedies and diet recommendations for healthy teeth:

  • Flossing is effective only if you do it once daily.
  • Use a vibrating toothbrush or an electric brush once a day and use a manual regular toothbrush once a day. Ideally, brush with fluoride toothpaste and it is important to brush regularly with the correct technique. 
  • Use mouthwash if you have a lot of cavities.
  • Visit the dentist once in 6 months to keep things in check. 
  • Food is medicine so you also need to look at your diet. A healthy diet is needed for healthy teeth! Calcium is a must. Vitamin K and D3 are super important as well.
  • Vitamin C prevents bleeding gums.

Last but not the least, let's talk about Apnea!

Sleep apnea is a highly ignored condition, the symptoms of which are day time sleepiness, less focus and concentration, falling asleep in cars or while talking to people. It happens due to the tongue falling back and compromising your airway when you sleep. Excessive snoring is another symptom. Get tested and checked to address this problem. 

You could be given a simple dental appliance to hold your lower jaw forward and prevent your tongue from falling back or you could be given a more complex C Pap device. In very extreme cases, surgery could be required.

I have tried to broadly touch upon the common dental or tooth-related complaints of 40-year-olds. Follow the above and open gateways to good oral health.