In a current context of  a radical scenario of economy ,the change of currency has jeopardized the market and so do the daily life of million of  citizens of  our country. There is a chaos and a frightening psychosis among the common public and a cheer too of an impression of curb on black money .A unique mixture reaction of confusion, glory and wordiness of all irrespective of the status. My topic of concern on the extract is how  the change going to affect the Health feed for doctors, common charters, insurers and all.

What the Demonetization----Demonetization is the act of stripping a currency unit of its status as legal tender. Demonetization is necessary whenever there is a change of national currency. The old unit of currency must be retired and replaced with a new currency unit.  The currency avail of in the form of 500, 1000 , larger denomination being banned in the country in a very short notice.And new currency is introduced in the system at 2000 and new 500 rupee notes got avail off, its till date.

What Problem to Public----- It s a new revolutionary step in a cash dependent country like ours which will have a very good long term desired economy topping effect.But at present for months to come it will be very difficult for the general crowd to go with daily work for exchange of currency until the new printed versions are not avail of in mass volume.Even for a routine medicine purchase one has to be in ready for exact change to tender to the pharmacy.In hospitals for emergency drug requirements and operator y its a real herculean task and to face the long ques.

Health Feed----------------Suppose your Mom is admitted in hospital for a knee replacement and need to board there for a fortnight.Now you have 3 problems in front instant---A] if you are in superficiality hospital with an health insurance, or a corporate employee  then there is a Online transaction and you need to make a little worrisome,....................B] if you are in a superficiality hospital for Your Papa's cardiac intervention and you are a middle class , an employee,or a free business owner  then how to get the exact cost in form of Currency, the local aid of pharmacy and support therapy need a huge money in cash . The worst is you cant draw beyond a limit from your own account which makes you in a grave concern.

WORRISOME TRUTH------------------------------------------If by chance you are among the crowd and your financial position won't allow you to be in a super hospital then you are bound to be in a GOVT. tertiary hospital then you are in deep soup. As in such places everything u need to purchase, even a normal Saline bottle to stitch to Inject able every menace. Moreover the system is in a mess where you need tips in every single step to move and in this context of new RULES , finding a suffice of cash is a real challenge and so do a jeopardize and a threat to your aim of getting a better health feed.The worsening is a cash crunch society where many are not on health insurance alike US or CANADA.We don't have a blue cross  kind community serving too. Hence the mob which is gala dependent on every health issue on a direct cash is facing a huge challenge ahead to meet the emergency fed for their parents health, operations and follow ups . 


I am scared if further ahead instantly the governance moves to a cashless form of social payee it can be a night mare for many on the bottom line. In a 24. x 7. to make avail a cash sufficiency and to stand a ques for hours on bank  is almost a harrowing story for many. Now we need to educate people as well to self activate to make move on Payee transfer formats like Pay TM ,M-PESA n etc .Moreover security on those establishments need to be assured by administrative authority  so that overnight somebody's hard earn should not fly away. Cash less can be an exotica in a very long term and it can be a solidarity  and we can be a very powerful economy in a long future, but now we need to melt the Ice, We need to mature enough and make our civil society move on this highway in a very careful and smooth transition.Else a huury of success can warrant a serious nightmare and a cloud of gloom.

Doctors n Hospitals

Medicos,Dentist and Alternative Therapist  here almost receive their consultancy through cash only.Almost all hospitals in India receive emergency treatment mode as cash. Now we need to educate this convincingly intellect wing of our society to accept the mode of payee as cashless and also to encourage patients and needy to make them pay cashless. It will make the treatment more transparent and a clean on every account sheet.But now and then till the dust settle down the demand supply can be disastrous in many rural folks and geographical areas where internet is yet not a facility. So we need to keep in mind for the suburban , rural and Forest , hill dominion area where our brothers and sisters health feed need to go GREEN despite  odds and we need to make educative as a motto hence forth

Insurers and TRUE VALUE HUB

Insures in India are always in a dogma and the mindset is more like a mutual fund investment than giving a solution to health as an insurance.They need to play a very vital role in serving senior citizen, pediatric basket  of lower economy strata and rural common man[AAM ADMI] whom they cater the list.Insurance houses need to come up with a true solution to health feed by which Every citizen in OUR NATION can have a health card at least for 10 common health disorder serve and 3 critical illness rider and it will be a revolution in health feed and the scenario can be a win-win for both public, governance as well the corporate houses.True value hub is required in every village at least 2 in every panchayats of India which will make assure every nuke n corner the citizen is getting attended  and health challenge will be a TRUE VALUE HUB solution in gear.

The purpose in the text is to give a wake up call to all loving brothers and sisters to get active and alert of the current change in economy scenario and keep a vigil on the health update and to match the emergency health status and treatment in order not to face any untoward due this only.

Software CORPORATE Responsibilty

Its a definite responsibility of the big software houses now to make quick solution to it for common public.

They need to come up with faster but very handy aap and solution related to basic and primary healthcare attached to cashless transaction which a local vegetable vendor , a thela wala , a kirana store can use.

For the betterment of health as well facilitating the nation they need to come up with unique, yet easy applications by which one can have a non stop solution to health care provider, daily physician, dentist, diabetic doctor and pharmacy and a aam admi can dispense the  requisite cost in ease and can avail the facility instant without much complication. This might sound bit awkward but its a realty and need of the hour for we citizens to cater for betterment and make India HEALTH GREEN.