We all know how difficult it is to get cured once you get any kind of cancer. More so when it has spread all over the body, lends you with multiple chemo sessions, radiotherapy etc. Yes it is very painful after that and the chances of survival is so low once it has spread.  So why not take steps to prevent it from happening in the first place itself. I should know because I have been successful in treating a lot of my young patients with a lot of education, screening and motivation and I am happy to say that today most of my patients with early cancer who came to me or got it operated from me in the early stages are free of cancer.

So here are a few tips to make your life happy and cancer free :

1. MAINTAIN YOUR WEIGHT. Obesity decreases chances of fighting cancer.

2. EAT HEALTHY.  Eating raw fruits, vegetables, whole grains, vegetable oil over animal oil goes a long way to keep you slim, trim and cancer free. It also decreases your chances of diabetes as      I have seen my husband's patients improving on their diabetes status since I have seen him recommend this as he is a renowned diabetologist and metabolic specialist. 

3. EXERCISE REGULARLY.  All it takes is a 30 mins walk five times a week. Is that too much ? Then go for it. Studies have shown that it decreases the breast cancer risk by 10 to 30%.

4. CUT DOWN ON ALCOHOL.  Reduce your alcohol intake to strictly not more than one glass per day. what type vodka, beer etc you drink is immaterial. NOT MORE THAN A SMALL  GLASS.

5. NO SMOKING . Smoking is ALWAYS BAD. ANY AMOUNT. So don't go for it,

6. BREAST FEEDING. Mother nature has given ladies  a pair of breast. use it to breast feed you child as long as you can. studies have clearly shown that the longer you feed your children lesser are the chances of getting breast cancer. What a better way to keep one healthy and increase the level of satisfaction, happiness  and bonding with your children too !!!. Go for it dear readers.

7. HORMONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY OR ESTROGEN BLOCKING DRUGS.  Learn to say no to them, unless indicated by your doctor. They only lead to multiple complications in the long run, Pulmonary embolism, deep venous thrombosis, estrogen gels, tamoxifen, raloxifene etc should be avoided unless under the supervision of a qualified medical practitioner .

8. BREAST CANCER SCREENINGS : There is nothing like doing a self examination of breast in front of a mirror. A lot of breast cancers can be picked up early in the diseases like this. Free of cost, avoidance of painful mammography exams, a self examination of breast goes  along way. We regularly hold such camps free of cost in Kevalya Hospital, where I am attached as a surgical consultant to teach female patients how to do it on a regular basis. Join us and join the movement and we will be happy to teach you do it in the comforts of your own home.

9. PROPHYLACTIC SURGERY : These are meant for women with high risk like having a BRCA oncogene etc. This is an  option we can discuss on a personal meet. It is not a routine recommended procedure. We like to avoid mastectomy (removal of breast) as much as possible as it is disfiguring and very traumatic to a lady. 

So dear readers here is wishing you a lot of good health and hope you take care of your health actively,  feel free to contact me on 9820091853 and I hope I could be some guidance to you.