Decay of the bottle, infant caries, circumferential caries or specific rampant caries of children, is a term that describes a rapidly destructive process that affects the primary or deciduous teeth of infants and young children.

Occurs mostly in children with feeding by bottle or breast, and therefore a delay in the introduction to solid foods, is also associated with the use of the pacifier dipped in sugary substances.

PREVENTION in the prevention of caries by the syndrome of bottle must meet three main sources: pediatrician, the padres-abuelos and the dentist.

Recommendations once they have begun to leave teeth • if any bottle to the child just before bedtime, it must contain only water, never juices or milk or other sugary liquids.

• Once the child go approaching its first birthday, should begin you to drink from a glass. Ideally, the child to leave the bottle between the 12-14 months.

• The consumption of juice from the bottle should be avoided, only should be given from a glass.• Once you leave the first teeth, need to establish good oral hygiene.• Within six months of the eruption of the first tooth, is suitable to make a consultation with your dentist to show you the steps to follow in relation to the prevention of oral diseases.

TREATMENT Pulpotomy or pulpectomy, as the case may be, for later Crown of steel.