Dark circles under or around the eyes is called periorbital hypermelanosis,which can be caused by many factors.The following are the most common causes of dark circles:


●Nutritional deficiency-Anemia (Folic acid,B12,Niacin,etc)

●Fatigue and lack of sleep

●Pregnancy and hormonal changes

●Faulty life style,excessive smoking or alcohol consumption

●Medical problems such as diabetes,hypothyroidism,allergic diathesis


These factors also may also lead to excessive pigmentation

●Thin,translucent lower eyelid skin overlying the orbicularis oculi muscle

●Shadowing due to skin laxity and tear trough

●prominent vasculature below the lower lid


Treatment of underlying cause along with topical agents like  hydroquinone ,retinoic acid (0.01% to 1%), azelaic acid, kojicacid,  vit.c etc can be tried under  dermatologist advice .

●Regular moisturizers, sunscreen and application of lightening creams can  be beneficial.

●Glycolic peels ,Lactic acid peels, Combination peels involving  glycolic and lacticacids, arginine, vitamin C serums are beneficial

Newer Modalities of Treatment

●Mesotherapy using small quatities of glutathione and vitamin c if melanosis is predominant

●If puffiness is predominant,PDC can be injected in small quantities.

 ●Mesobotox for periorbitalmelanosis with wrinkles

●In case of dark circles with sunken eyeballs temporary fillers are preferred

●Intense pulse light therapy and lasers

●Surgery-Laser blepharoplasty

●Autologous fat transplantation and fillers in difficult cases