Refreshing punches are always welcomed and they hydrate the body in a healthier way. These can be prepared by including various fruits and vegetables of your choice. Weight watchers can also enjoy them with a minimum amount of calories and maximum amounts of benefits of ingredients associated. Here is one of the nutritionally rich drink is shared below with the recipe and health benefits associated.

Cucumber Basil Lime Juice


• 1 handful of fresh basil leaves (Tulsi). • 1 cucumber (medium-sized), • ½ Lime • 1 Apple


1. Juice basil into a glass. 2. Cut cucumber lengthwise into halves. 3. Cut the apple into wedges and remove the seeds. 4. Remove zest and pith of lime. 5. Chop all ingredients and blend them with 120ml (1 cup) of water in the blender. 6. Strain the content through a fine-mesh strainer. 7. Stir and serve.

NOTE: Ice cubes can be added if desired.

Cucumber is enriched with vitamins and hydrates body and also keeps check on joint health.

Basil has many medicinal properties that help in curing a cold, cough, fever, kidney stones, and heart disorders.

Lime aids in women's health and well known for its vitamin-C content which boosts your immunity.