Researchers have been looking very closely at summer and winter room temperatures and their link to obesity. Their findings have been very interesting indeed. They believe that the increase in obesity trends could be partly due to living and working spaces being warmer now than they used to be. 

In the peak of summer, even though it feels great to be in a cool air-conditioned room, our bodies actually start working harder to regulate our body temperature. The cooler the room, the harder our bodies have to naturally work at generating body heat. Believe it or not, there are some friendly forms of fat - called brown fat - that work hard for us and burn calories, rather than just comfortably placing themselves on our hips and midriff! 

That whole process silently boosts the body's inner activity and therefore its metabolism. Now remember, that can only happen when the temperature decreases. 

It's all based on a simple equation: A cooler environment = more calories burnt to stay warm = weight loss 

You won't lose much weight thanks to this finding, but coupled with the right diet and regular exercise, you could find yourself in a win-win situation here. Now isn't this the coolest weight loss solution ever?