Many people want to know how to wash vegetables and milk packets? How to protect vegetables from coronavirus? According to the WHO, the disease has not yet spread through food.

Here are quick points to remember while washing veggies and milk packets on a daily basis as COVID-19 precaution:

1. Firstly, use a separate grocery bag for buying fruits and vegetables. On returning home, place the bag outside and empty the groceries out.

2. Wash the vegetables and fruits in cold water, or in running water. There is no need to wash your vegetables or fruits using soap or alcohol. However, you may need to clean vegetables like spinach carefully, to remove dirt and other germs that may be present.

3. It is important to cook the vegetables well, before consuming them. Cooking them at temperatures above 70 degrees makes them safer to consume. 

4. When it comes to storage, you need to put the cooked food into containers with covers and immediately refrigerate them. In the fridge, keep the cooked food covered and separate from the uncooked food. When it comes to milk packets, you can wash the packet with plain water, or soap and water for extra safety. After which, you can consume the milk or store the packet in the fridge.

Watch my video to understand the do's and don'ts of washing vegetables and milk packets, explained in Hindi.

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