We have been reading about the fact that the virus causes a more serious infection in persons with co-morbidities. 

What are co-morbidities?

"Morbidity" simply put is a disease. ("Mortality" is death).

So a patient who has Covid-19 with 'Co-morbidities' is simply a person who has the Coronavirus infection along with pre-existing disease or diseases.

Why is this important?

We have realized since the pandemic began that though this is a relatively mild infection, in some patients it can cause very serious illness.

What are these Co-Morbodities?

- Diabetes Mellitus, especially if the blood sugar is high

- Hypertension, because of the Virus's predisposition for the ACE 2 receptors

- Obesity

- Overall old age and infirmity

- Immune Compromised - those with a weak immunity example- like cancer patients on Chemotherapy, Transplant recipients, etc

- Those with Chronic cardiovascular, Kidney, or Lung diseases

The problem with persons with co-morbidities is that they get a more serious form of the infection, become sicker, have a higher probability of being admitted to a hospital with a higher chance of being put on a ventilator.

The mortality rate in persons with pre-existing diseases is much higher than patients without co-morbidities and those with a mild infection only.

Since this usually happens in the elderly population, the "Millenials" had catch phrased the disease as "Boomer Remover."

The most important thing is for us to remember that in case you are old, suffer from Diabetes, high blood pressure, are immunocompromised in any way- you should strictly avoid going out or interacting with strangers.

In the event that you have to go, please follow the rules:

- Avoid closed spaces

- Stay 2 meters away from another human

- Wear a face mask at all times

- Use a face shield as an additional precaution

- Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water on returning home.

Maintain a healthy routine, eat nutritious food but do not go overboard in doing gargles multiple times or steam inhalation many times or drinking strange concoctions in an attempt to keep the virus away - the virus may never get to you but imbibing these strange concoctions will surely take you to the doctor's chamber with a disturbed throat!

Exercise regularly. Think positive- this too shall pass!!

All the best!