There is a lot of information circulating about COVID-19 since its outbreak. Fake news and messages around questions like how is coronavirus transmitted, does home remedy for covid help, do salt gargles help in coronavirus infection, etc. are misleading people and can cause drastic negative impacts. 

In this video, I have debunked the latest and most popular myths and misconceptions about COVID-19.

Besides the ones addressed in the video above, there are few other myths and facts about Coronavirus that you should know:

Myth: Heat will kill the COVID-19 Virus

Fact: Though we thought initially that the Coronavirus was a winter virus and that like the Flu, its transmission would slow or die down in the summers it is not so. The virus continues to transmit and infect people.

"Viruses do not replicate outside living cell but infectious virus may persist or live on contaminated environmental surfaces and the duration of persistence of viable virus is markedly by temperature and humidity.

Myth: Flu Vaccine will give you immunity against Coronavirus

Fact: The Flu vaccine is an annual vaccine and offers no immunity against Covid-19 since the genetic material is different.

Myth: Eating Garlic, or some kind of foods will boost your Immunity against the Virus

Fact: There is no evidence that eating any kind of food or drinking alcohol will prevent you from catching the Coronavirus. There was a myth that smokers were immune to the infection but that was also found to be untrue.

However, for maintaining good immunity it is recommended that you eat a well balanced diet and do moderate physical activity every day. 

Myth: Only elderly are at risk from a serious infection

Initially, as a cruel joke, the younger people started calling the disease "Boomer Remover" believing that only the elderly would die from it.

This is not true - more than age, your fitness as well as presence of other diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart problem, etc. are more important factors. You are more likely to have a serious outcome even if you are very obese.

Myth: Eating Non - Vegetarian food can lead to infection

There is absolutely no evidence for this. The myth arose because the origin of the Virus is from an animal and because the outbreak is said to have started from a non-vegetarian market in China. You can, however safely eat well-cooked non-vegetarian food.

Being aware of these myths and the actual facts will prevent us from self-medication and wrong treatment.