By now all of us are familiar with the word-CORONA and have read about prevention about this disease.

Masks are in short supply.

Hand Sanitisers are sold at inflated rates.

Fear Psychosis is not limited to all of us at India, despite doctors telling us again and again about-

1) Mortality Rate is between 2-3% which is a lot lesser than other diseases, both Communicable & Non-Communicable.

2) This is diseases about which little is known so far.

3) Everyone Need Not Wear a Mask.

4) Washing hands with soap and water is a Simple Prevention.

5) Imagine! Dettol can help in fighting Coronavirus & We Are Ignorant of it!

It is written on the container. Just buy ordinary Dettol Lotion & Dilute it with water. Use it as final rinse for hands

6) Use Tissue Papers instead of Handkerchiefs for better Hygiene.

7) Reuse/Recycle/Refuse the Greedy Trader to Cash in for the Miserable Situation created by humans.

8) Viral Diseases have few specific medicines to cure & to kill the viruses unlike bacterial illnesses like typhoid or parasitic illnesses like Malaria or Fungal Diseases like Tinea.

9) Microorganisms are of 4 types- Virus, Bacteria, Parasite, and Fungal. Viruses Mutate/Change Shapes Rather Too Fast

Therefore It is Difficult to make Vaccines to Prevent Viral Illnesses.