Amidst these testing times and crisis, we all have come across lots of literature on Coronavirus.

The articles mostly focus on information about coronavirus, the do's and dont's and also prevention strategies.

Boom in usage of social media and messaging apps have created hype around this novel virus.

Many NEWS channels are also talking about conspiracy theories around its inception and spread.

Newspapers on day to day basis update us about new cases and deaths caused all around the world due to this.

If you overhear a conversation in a public place, it is mostly on this very topic.

All the major mass communication sources available to us at this moment are somehow delivering information which though is informative but is not comforting and as a result lead to a lot of myths and confusion amongst the common man.

Our leaders have tried to educate people about this disease through speeches, however a lot of myths still persists.

This piece of writing aims at removing some of them.

Myth 1# Mask usage reduces my chances to get Coronavirus

-  According to the current guidelines by the CDC, there are only two indications to use a mask.

A) If you are taking care of someone who is suffering from intense cough and cold, then use mask and change the mask after every use.

B) If you yourself have cough and cold, then use of mask helps to limit the spread of droplets to others.

Apart from these two indications, mask usage will in fact increase your chances of procuring this virus, as the outer surface of the mask will concentrate the virus which can live up to 10-12 hours on surfaces. This is transferred to hand when lowering or reapplying the mask.

Myth 2# N95 masks are more effective than regular masks

- This is not true. Coronavirus is larger in size. Hence, even regular masks help to keep it away. Try to be at least 1 m away from someone who coughs or sneezes as the big droplets can't travel too far and drop to ground.

Myth 3# If I get coronavirus, I will die

- The mortality rate due to this virus is around 3%. Which means if 100 people are affected with this virus, 97 will recover and only 3 may die. This is more fatal in people with poor immunity and respiratory problems. Hence, try to stay nourished and keep your immunity high with exercising and consumption of multivitamins. Also, practice good personal hygiene.

Myth 4# If I wash my hands, the virus is dead

- The technique of handwashing is of utmost importance. Hand should be washed with soap under running water for atl east 20 seconds to get benefit. Do not rely solely on hand sanitisers. Excessive use of alcohol-based rubs should be discouraged as they remove the natural flora off the hands.

Light at the end of tunnel (The positive side)

-Even in these testing times, if we try to search for positives and learn what the nature wants to tell us, then here are some of my thoughts:-

1. Opportunity to spend more time with family and loved ones.

2. Focus on personal hygiene and importance of cleanliness reinforced.

3. Chance to cook clean and healthy food at home and enjoy with family and friends.

4. Chance to appreciate life and thank god for health and immunity.

5. Roads have become bearable and easier to drive due to reduced traffic.

6. The pollution all over the world will reduce due to lesser air traffic, industrial fuel burns.

There can be a many more positives which could be added. Its just a start and way how we perceive things.

Let's sit back, think positive and stop spreading false information and chaos.