Most of us want to lose weight and are obsessed with the readings on the weighing scale. Weight is made of bones, muscles, fat, water content e.t.c.

Of this, bone and muscles are heavy like stones and fat is much lighter like cotton. 

So, when one tries to lose weight quickly via crash diets, most often the weight loss is due to muscle and bone loss.

Had it been fat loss, the amount of weight loss would have been much lesser (due to cotton like light weight of fat). But in this case the inch loss would be much more appreciable.

A sensible weight loss can occur through the guidance of a qualified Registered Clinical Nutritionist who would do a thorough assessment of your eating patterns and daily lifestyle and chalk out a nutrition plan taking into considerations factors like age, height, wt, medical conditions, e.t.c.

Crash diets make you lose muscle mass and hence permanently lower your metabolic rate, making subsequent fat-weight even more difficult. 

Stay healthy, Stay blessed!