In my practice over the years, I have found that the use of Art and Music as therapies are very effective for both social and emotional development of children and young adolescent.It offers a safe entry to cognitive reflection through fun, experimental rhythmic exercises. 

 Benefits from these therapies:

 ·Improving performance in studies, sports and other extra curriculum activities  

·Control bullying at school

·Better communication and removing fear of public speaking

·Goal achievement

·Team motivation

·Dealing with peer pressure

·Fear of exams

·Presentation skills


   ·  Sports performance 

   · Sports injury

    · Team performance

   · Overcoming blockages and anxiety

    · Motivation

    · Improved performance in Football, Cricket, Rifle shooting,

      Gymnastics, and Basketball etc.


·Improve Concentration

·Remembering what you study

·Improving Recall

·Removing anxiety of examination

·Removing anxiety of viva versa

·Improving marks obtained in subjects of preference

2. Health and Wellness Issues

  .Weight management

   . Stress manage

  .  Relationship

  .  Overcoming   Fear and phobias

   . Obsessive compulsive disorder

  . Performance enhance

  . Cure stammering