Technology should not overshadow commonsense.All great acheivers, healers philosophers& spiritual leaders have advised to look withinThe answer to our happiness, well being & success is to have a deep understanding of our existence.Our life on this planet is a journey of ages. Our physical composition is influenced by the resources we consume for our nourishment. Nourishing with meals from various plants & animal resources imparts  all  components that affect our well being.Nourishing our soul needsA complete understanding of the purpose of our existence.Sharing harmony with different souls.This is called compassion.Understanding our environment with a commitment to preserve it. Always remember a harmony of both internal & external environment influences our wellness.The physical body has metabolic functions continuously running. This means new cell regeneration, repair of existing cells & a breakdown of old cells are happening constantly.The immune system is the security mechanism of our body that is responsible to prevent infection cancer & Wade of allergic manifestation. The immune system is responsible to identify sellf from non self . There is an antibody mediated & cell mediated system.The allergens infectious agents & cells identified as nonself are identified challenged & destroyed. For all practical purposes focus on your internal chemistry by appropriately nourishing your body & mind., practising activities that detoxifies them , will ultimately enhance our immune system . Practice exercises that improves blood circulation.Hence immunity is enhanced.Meditation release us of unguarded thoughts.Positive emotions prevents depression stress & anxiety. Practice kindness & compassion to heal your soul. Since most of the modern day maladies are secondary to mismanaged life style . A care to organise our system at all levels has the magical effects of healing Miracles do happen even today. To experience it we have to rediscover ourselves. Use of sophistication in diagnosis of diseases must be used judiciously considering the background of individual.Modern scientific procedures must be used with rational . There is always an easy & simple way to heal.Have faith combine intuition practice wisdom to make things happen.                              Dr  Mamta Jha Gynaecologist Greater Noida.