Mr and Mrs X were trying for a baby for
the past 4 years. They had approached me for treatment on 20th june 2014 for
the treatment of infertility. With the grace of god the lady is now pregnant!!
I would like to thank God for blessing the couple with such a priceless gift.
What more could have been better for me to end my 22nd November 2015. It is the
day which will be remembered for the rest of my life.


Infertility is defined as the inability to become pregnant
after about a year of appropriate and well-timed

efforts. Infertility affects about 10% of women ages 15 to 44. For
those desiring a child, the inability to become pregnant can be
devastating, and the

drive to seek treatment is understandable. The usual first step along that path

is a detailed evaluation of the couple. Almost half the time, when an issue is

identified, it is with the male partner, usually a problem with his sperm.

Sometimes we discover a woman has blocked fallopian tubes (so eggs can’t be
fertilized and travel to the uterus) or abnormalities of the uterine cavity,
such as

fibroids (which may prevent a fertilized egg from implanting).

But in 15-20% of cases, no reason is identified — so-called
“unexplained infertility.”

Many with unexplained infertility will become pregnant on
their own simply with more time.

So which drugs are best at meeting the goals of infertility
treatment — that is,

achieving a pregnancy with one baby?

Conventional treatments are very hard on the pocket and
cant be afforded by many people within the middle class group and also bring in
a lot of side effects in the patients taking

treatment. I get many couples in my clinic who have been frustrated and

disillusioned about whether they will be able to have a child or not.

Homeopathy on the other hand ensures that there is a high
positive chance in conceiving and also no further complications in the
pregnancy. Homeopathy re establishes the hormonal

imbalance in the body and also rectifies the pathology with which the patient

might not be in a state of conceiving.

Homeopathy secondly also has great treatment in the
underlying causes of infertility which can be tubal blockages or fibroids in
the case of females and decreased or no sperm count, decreased sperm motility
and abnormality in the morphology of the sperm in the male to name a few. All
these can be treated very well with homeopathy without any kind of side effects
and also ensure future safety.

The true and heartfelt goal of couples and their doctors
isn’t just a pregnancy,

but a pregnancy with a good outcome—a healthy mom and a healthy baby. Here,

more does not translate into better.