Can we run our vehicle without good oil? Why do we get our vehicles serviced, get filter & oil changed after driving few thousands of Kilometers?

Cholesterol is a type of fat found in the bloodstream.

The body needs some healthy amounts to work effectively. Cholesterol is responsible to make hormones,build and strengthen cell linings, improve neurological functioning and help build Sunshine Vitamin D, manufactured in the liver after exposure to Sunlight.

Vitamin D is the only Fat Soluble Vitamin which has no precursor in fruits & vegetables, unlike other fat soluble Vitamins like A (beta carotene in yellow fruits), Vitamin E (vegetables & sprouts) & Vitamin K (all seasonal vegetables & fruits).

On the flip side too much of Cholesterol is linked to clogging of blood vessels,leading to reduced flow to the heart (heart attacks/angina) Brain (Stroke) Legs (DVT) etc.

Myth vs Belief

1) All types of Cholesterol Are Bad. Not True.

Always get Total Lipid Profile Test.

LDL- Bad Cholesterol should be below 80.

HDL-Good Cholesterol should be above 80.

Total Cholesterol is a sum total of Good & Bad Cholesterol.

If total is around 200, or slightly above,one need not worry to take medicines to lower Bad Cholesterol because of side effects & because of natural ways to lower bad cholesterol through food.

Remember that genetics has a role to play in levels of cholesterol & we have to accept it with modified Diet & Exercise.

2) Keep Good Cholesterol on higher level by eating a Katori of assorted Nuts like few almonds (soaked & peeled), Cashews, Walnuts, Peanuts

A spoon of Pure Ghee/ Butter everyday.

All of the above helps everyone including Diabetics.

Are they, the Nuts Expensive??

Do Compare with the costs of medicines to lower Cholesterol.

One is getting more nourishment as well as benefits of good Cholesterol +Levels of bad Cholesterol get reduced if Good Cholesterol is kept on a higher side.

Exercise Burns Calories & Bad Cholesterol.

Drinking Fresh Lemon Juice Lowers Bad Cholesterol besides giving benefits of Natural Vitamin C to Boost Up Immunity to Fight Diseases.

Yoga & Meditation Helps Everyone.

Do Not Be Cholesterol Obsessed because it is up to us to Make it as friendly as blood sugar or hormones of different kinds to Sustain Healthy Life.