About a month ago, 45 year old Mr. Yousuf hailing from Africa and a boxer by profession visited me with the chief complaint of a broken front tooth. 

His main concern? He wanted an indistinguishably natural smile that no one could make out.He wisely opted for the Zirconia crowns. At the end of the treatment, Mr. Yousuf couldn't stop himself from smiling!

What is Dental Zirconia?

Zirconia is zirconium dioxide (ZrO2), which is a powdered form of zirconium is a white powdered metal and is the most popular and recommended type of crown for individuals desiring outright natural smiles.

Advantages of Zirconia over Conventional Porcelain - Metal Crowns?  

1) Unequivocally natural

2) Confident smiles without a hint of metal at the gum line

3) Biocompatible with your oral tissues with no recorded allergy reports

4) Longer and more durable life compared to conventional crowns

5) Corrosion resistant 

6) Extraordinarily tough being 5 times stronger to other metal crowns

7) Made with the latest CAD-CAM technology