Do we require a vaccine or even treatment for chickenpox (water filled red rashes on trunk esp)-controversies?

It is said that chickenpox disease is milder in kids and provides lifetime immunity.But considering todays lifestyle and impatience along with no space for sufferings(which may be good actually),we vaccinate kids above 12-15 months with 2 doses of vaccine at least 2-3 months apart so that kids do not suffer & neither their parents do.Else disease may take 7-10 days of ur precious time in healing.
Most important is to isolate the diseased & get vaccine to susceptible contacts on urgent basis to prevent the spread of disease.

As far as treatment is concerned,if kid is having good immunity & weight,we do not recommend tt except if some one at home is immunocompromised because of disease or some treatment post organ transplant/on cancer chemotherapy.

Also it has to be initiated within 48 hrs for best effects.

Controversies are part of most of treatments in public but people do not want to suffer either.