The Covid-19 pandemic has taken a serious toll on human lives, all across the world, including in India. It is still rapidly spreading like a ‘wildfire’ across India and there is no sight of any preventive vaccine and curative treatment in the near future.  

Hence, it is highly critical that we learn to live with it safely and take ample precautions to safeguard ourselves, our family members, colleagues, and others.It can only be achieved by changing our ten important habits in these difficult times -

1) Social Distancing - Maintaining a safe distance (of around 6 feet) with unknown people is essential. Almost 40% of people have asymptomatic Coronavirus infection and hence every individual should be suspected to have this infection until proved otherwise. It is advisable to avoid crowded places and functions.

2) Hand Hygiene  - Frequent washing of hands with a detergent soap for one minute is advisable. After each physical contact with someone or a physical object, one should use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Wear surgical latex gloves in high-risk contacts. 

3) Use Face Mask - Face masks are highly effective in preventing the spread of this viral infection, as the virus mainly lives in the mouth and nose. The masks should cover both the nose and mouth. Ordinary 3-ply masks are sufficient in most places, but in high-risk places, it is better to use N-95 masks.

4) Avoid Coughing And Sneezing In Public Place - One must carry a fresh and clean handkerchief at all times. In the case of act of coughing and sneezing, try to avoid it if possible in front of other person and to use a handkerchief, if it is unavoidable.

5) Avoid Throat Irritants - Since the virus resides in the throat,it is important to avoid any throat irritants like ‘supari’ tobacco, ‘paan’,and cigarettes, etc.

6) Avoid Unnecessary Travel - Unnecessary and nonobligatory travel must be avoided during this time to save yourself from acquiring the infection from the others. 

7) Avoid Prolonged Contact - The face-to-face meeting with the others should only be brief (lesser than 15 minutes), as the prolonged contact and exposure can spread the virus from the other person.

8) Avoid Visits And Visitors - It is advisable that you do not make unnecessary visits to meet people and for non-essential shopping etc. Also, do not invite people to your place, if it is avoidable.

9) Take Nutritious Diet And Supplements - This infectious disease can be controlled by boosting your immunity. Hence,a good nutritious diet and a few hot drinks and warm water should be consumed throughout the day. Diet supplements can also be added to your routine.

10) Ignore Rumors - The media (social, print, and electronic) is full of Covid-19 related news and information. Many of these are inaccurate and unreliable and must not be believed in the face of it.