Who is a Caretaker in India?

The Nurse on shift duty, hired by the family for a few days or The Lady of the House?

During Miserable Corona times, it is difficult to keep a lot too many paid people as attendants.

And admission to the hospital may not be necessary.

Corona patients can be kept at home but under the supervision of the specialist.

The disease carries Fear Psychosis for the patient and for the entire family, especially for the Lady of the house, who is responsible for the supervision of innumerable attendants at her home.

Can Lady of the house afford to fall sick?

No, she carries on with a smiling face so that the family and others do not get to see her hidden fears

How can we Help the Caretakers?

Books have been written about Caretaker Syndrome.

How come that We the People are Not Aware Of Caretaker Syndrome?

Caretakers need to be looked after a bit less than the patients because devoted Caretakers Care Little about themselves.

Do Enquire about the wellbeing of the patient.

Do Not Keep Calling on the mobile phones repeatedly because the Caretakers Cannot Afford to Switch Off Their Mobile Phones.

If connected with a WhatsApp group, the admin of the group will write a message about the wellbeing of the patient and hundreds of members can read this message.

Do Not Keep Calling Individually 

When we were free of Corona, a Visit to the Recovering patient was a Must.

It may be Good for the Recovering patient.

Do keep aside Indian Hospitality 

Even if meals are offered as a gesture by the Caretaker, Do Not Accept & be happy with a sip from a glass of water.

I remember that in the UK, even Indian Visitors Wash & Clean Up the place after they visit a patient so that the Caretaker did not get Overworked.

Be a caring person for sure

Think about every aspect of patient care.

And Make Sure that the Caretaker gets some rest also.