HEMANT RUTU means winter season, from Mid November to Mid Janaury.

This season is cold & dewy due this the agni means digestion power is strong, so we can eat heavy Food.

DIET:- Can eat Food which is sweet in taste.

Vegetables- can eat all vegetables except ladies Finger, spinach & bitter gourd.

Fruits: - All seasonal fruits. All types of Dry fruits.

Pulses & Grains: - Can eat all type of pulses. Grains should be New.

Non vegetrain:- Can eat Sea Food, chicken, mutton, egg etc. *But after having this should eat other meal after 6-7 hours.

Can have sugarcane products, milk & milk products. corn/edible oil can be taken as part of food.

Wine prepared from Jaggery (molasses) can be taken.

LIFE STYLE:- Exposure to sunlight & Fire to keep yourself warm.

PANCHKARMA:-Snehan (Body massage with oilf powder) can done. Swedan (Medecinal Steam)

CLOTHING:- Leather, Silk & Wool.

YOGASANA:- Suryanamaskar, Halasana, Kukutgarbhasana, Shalbhasana, Ardhamatsendrasana, Bhujangasana, Shirsana & Matsyasana.

PRANAYAMA:- Kapalbhati, Anulomvilom & Omkar.

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