Some of the things mentioned here may not be new but it is worth revising about prevention of a heart attack.

1) Do not eat bad oils present in street food including pizzas & burgers but do eat good fats like a spoon of pure ghee or butter and a katori of assorted nuts including peanuts to keep good cholesterol on a higher side.

2) Reduce salt to bare minimum, avoid adding salt on salads. Say NO to packaged foods like pickles, chutneys, sauces, papads, chips etc. as salt is preservative and added to every packed food. Sodium in salt can be countered by taking more potassium through citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, bananas, amla etc. take as much potassium through food , fresh seasonal vegetables & fruits. I have not yet encountered a person dying because he/ she took extra potassium in food!

3) Reduce sugar also to bare minimum even if your blood sugar levels are normal. Remember that sugar laden drinks and sugar just gives calories and does not have any nutritional value. 

4) No Smoking or exposure to polluted air, low levels of oxygen in air can trigger a heart attack. Be near fresh plants which should be having dust free leaves & inhale natural oxygen as much as you like.

5) Know your own constitution and eat and exercise accordingly without setting a target or comparing with others. Walking & swimming are safest exercises. If air outside is polluted, have a steady exercise cycle with rowing facility at home & exercise according to your convenience, may be while watching TV. 

6) Keep BP & Blood sugar levels under control. These days medicines like betablockers are safe to be given to cases of Silent BP on the borderline-130/90 . 

7) Reduce stress but do have healthy stress that brings in fruitful results as this too boosts the good cholesterol while negative stress of being feeling beaten and unable to do anything is poison for the heart.

8) Reduce bad cholesterol by drinking any of these or all of these on empty stomach during the day a) fresh lemon juice with a spoon of honey added to it with warm water every day in morning and wait for an hour before taking tea or biscuits, b) Pomegranate juice or just anardaana boiled in water and a concoction made of it  c) apple cider vinegar, a spoon diluted with juice or with honey and warm water.

9) Get Lipid profile test done at least once in a year. Good Cholesterol to our body is like good oil to our cars, we do take our cars for servicing and filter is changed bad oil is drained and fresh oil is added so that engine keeps running smoothly. Our body needs good cholesterol above certain limit of 40 and bad cholesterol below certain limit of 80 & it is not difficult to reach these levels.

10) A word of caution for all who have bad cholesterol constantly on a higher level despite every precaution taken. This condition is genetic, it runs in families but it does not mean that medicines to lower cholesterol need to be given. Atovastin group of medicines carry lots of risks like liver failure and Dementia. Take extra precautions to bring down bad cholesterol as it is Not the only culprit that leads to blockages & Plaque formation. Inflammation within the vessels due to too acidic food is equally responsible.  

11) Eat Alkaline foods like fresh home made food of daal - roti- subji- rice with lots of raw salads & fruits of the season.

12) Prevention is the Mantra and all oils are bad , no oil is Zero cholesterol as advertised.