Personal ill health is a private affair. It is generally not discussed publicly but if the sickness involves the word 'Cancer', then invariably the discussions occur. Though the tone of the discussion is down. It is either as a sympathy to the sick person or the fear of the disease itself. 

This word Cancer send chills down the spine of the person who gets this news. The whole world gets tumbling down on the family. Though this disease affects one individual, it affects the whole family. Sometimes it goes beyond family and relatives. The whispers are not out respect. They are out of fear. 

I feel this is unnecessary. Nobody is alone in this fight against cancer. Life could be temporarily affected but If one remains positive it just becomes a passing phase. Let us face it objectively. It is a disease like any other disease. All cancers are not alike. All cancers don't have a killer stamp with them. Anyway even the dreaded variety can be tamed at various stages. No doubt some varieties are formidable. But so is the team of the patient as well. Patient has his breathes his life on his side. Patient has his family, friends, relatives on his side. Patient has previous cancer patients survivors stories on his side. Patient has new research adding to modern medicine on his side. Patient has new technology on his side. The surgeon acts as his consultant. His knowledge, his skills help the patient come out of the sinking hole. 

Can it happen? Yes it does!

There are few rock hard pillars on which the successful cancer treatment rests. 
First important point is the acceptance of the disease by the patient. Unless the existence of the disease is accepted, it is not easy to fight it out. 

Second point is the speed of decision making. If one does not waste time in dillydallying the treatment it remains the easy battle. Cancer treatment is a multi pronged attack. Surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy are the various kinds of weapons we have in this fight against it. Choice of the weapon depends on the stage and the type of the disease. The stage of the disease also dictates the sequence by which those arms could be used. It is indeed a complex science. In spite of the complexity involved, there are well set protocols by which various therapies inducted in the treatment regimen. There is no point in remaining perpetually disheartened by the news, as it does not help. 

Let the Plan begin. Let the War begin attitude definitely give a chance of normal life. 
Yes. It is possible. Go out and face the enemy head on. 

Though not in all cases, but there exists a real chance that it may run away. Forever. 
Cancer is not always the dreaded disease. And patient is not alone in this fight.