Occupational therapy plays a major role in restoration of normal mental health in patients affected by psychiatric
disorders or psychological conditions…

Now let us discuss how Occupational Therapy helps in restoration of mental and emotional health and enabling patient with SCHIZOPHRENIA attain a healthy independent living and reintegrating back to work and community….

         “Schizophrenia” is a group of psychiatric disorder characterized by gross distortion from reality, withdrawal from social interaction & fragmentation & disorganization of imagination”…

Patient with history of Schizophrenia may have vulnerability which when acted on by a stressful event allows the symptoms of schizophrenia to develop…


  1. Changing of facial expressions
  2. Poor eye contact while communicating with others
  3. Non-responsiveness
  4. Poor speech expression
  5. Decreased involvement in self care like grooming, decreased participation in home care activity
  6. Disinterest in work and affected work performance
  7. Poor relationship with friends & relatives
  8. Social inattentiveness which leads to decreased participation in social functions like marriages & birthdays etc.
  9. Regressive  behavior
  10. Frequent crying spells or laughing without reason.

Basic personality traits:

  1. Has difficulty in  differentiating  self from others
  2. History of  hallucinations
  3. Has difficulty in abstract thinking
  4. Has a sense of rejection , low self esteem & feeling of worthlessness
  5. History of fearfulness

Emotional needs of patient with SCHIZOPHRENIA

  1. To be accepted as a person
  2. To be independent & responsible
  3. Having his or her set of values
  4. To satisfy interpersonal relationship through effective communication


        Occupational Therapy helps in dealing with the symptoms of SCHIZOPHRENIA through use of short term and long term goals. The therapy involves use of purposeful activities and productive work patterns similar to task at work or home to restore the disordered pattern. The therapy also involves use of simulated task or work pattern of the patient.

          With an adequate approach and effective rapport with the patient and his/her family members Occupational Therapist work in helping the patient to deal with reality, developing self esteem, improving  performance skills in work & home & thus to reintegrate back to community and society…