Masturbation is a natural way to self-explore your body sexually. Almost every person masturbates or might have indulged in such activities once in their lifetime. Once you enter puberty, touching your genitals might give you pleasure. However, there are various myths surrounding masturbation. Can it lead to infertility? Let’s get to know more!

Masturbation is not free from risk

It is still in the debate on how frequent masturbation can cause you any risk. But you should know that it is not risk-free. The risk factor is less if compared to regular unprotected sex. Minor skin irritation might occur if you do it regularly. When the penis is erect, you should not bend it forcefully, as it can damage the nerve that keeps the blood flowing. Also, if excessive masturbation is causing a problem in your relationship,  you must consult a sexologist and discuss your conditions.

Masturbation is not beneficial like sex

It helps to explore your body, but it isn’t healthy like regular sex. When you have regular sex, your entire body remains active, and your cardiac rate gets enhanced.

Negative aspects of excessive masturbation

One of the main elements is psychological. If you masturbate because you are unable to have sex, the continuation of this process will make you feel inferior. It will become a habit. Developing an inferiority complex is not suitable for your overall health. It is recommended to consult a sexologist who will help you deal with this.

Does masturbating affect the sperm count?

Yes, a person who does this regularly will have a lower sperm volume. The data on male infertility because of masturbation has mixed responses. In the longer term, it will make you infertile as the sperm quality will keep on decreasing. But, if the problem persists despite quitting masturbation, it is advisable to get in touch with an expert.