With over 70 million cases of diabetes and related disorders, India has extensive room for improvement with diabetes-related awareness and health development. Unfortunately, diabetes doesn't just affect your ability to assimilate blood glucose level by affecting the pancreas but several other internal organs if not managed well. Such is the case with kidneys. Statistics show that every 1 out of 4 cases of Diabetes has a kidney disorder. Here's a brief analysis on how a mismanaged case of diabetes can result into a kidney related disorder.

What is diabetes? Can it affect your kidneys?

Diabetes is a condition where your pancreas fails to produce enough insulin that is needed to assimilate your blood glucose levels. As a result, there's a spike in the glucose levels which can result into various disorders including stroke and high blood pressure. As Diabetes directly affects the blood pressure, it is evident that it shall affect the kidneys as well.

The role of kidneys is to filter the body waste from blood and when the blood pressure rises as a result of unmanaged diabetes, it affects the blood vessels leading to your renal organs, i.e. kidneys and filtration organs. This damages the kidneys and affects its efficiency as a filter for other wastes - thus, leading to more disorders that can be life threatening.

Can we protect our kidneys despite having diabetes?

When the diabetes goes unreported and unmanaged, it has a potential to be a life threatening case for you. Hence, we highly recommend you to monitor your blood sugar levels regularly. Along with the same, you should also take proper natural medications that can take up the additional blood sugar to keep your diabetes under control. Long walks, regular physical exercise and Ayurvedic therapies can help you overcome the side effects caused by diabetes and hence, not only help you in protecting your kidneys but other internal organs as well.