Absolutely! And a good reason we have so many mothers with"surprise" late life babies :) Women assume that because they are not having periods anymore they can't get pregnant. Not so, you can still be ovulating even if you've stopped having periods. So the only way to know safely is to see your doctor. The general rule is that women are considered menopausal when they have not had a period for a year AND they have an FSH over 30. FSH is the abbreviation  for follicle stimulating hormone. It is the hormone that tries to kick start the ovaries when they begin to shut down. A young woman may have an FSH of say about 6, because her ovaries are working well and the stimulating hormone is not having to do much. Once the ovaries begin to stop producing this number will begin to climb as the hormone says to the ovaries come on, come on what are you doing? The closer she is to menopause the higher it will be. SO an FSH over 30 (ovaries are inactive) AND no periods for a year is your only safe bet to stop using contraception. Unless of course you would ENJOY having a toddler at 45!