Do you wish that you could get the mind behind weight loss and lose weight fast? The good news is that you could really get the right approach behind weight loss by managing your calories through diet and exercise. This logic also helps you understand that how foods add on weight and the simple method for weight loss.

Some people doubt the method of calorie count for weight loss because they say how can someone precisely count the calorie intake and how long can we keep counting calories in order to lose weight. Yes counting calories can be a difficult and monotonous task but it actually works or you could make it work for you.

Every food that we eat from potatoes to meats and dairy all food provide calories to the diet. So whatever you are eating you is adding some calories to your diet. Our bodies require only a certain number of calories in a day and for weight loss one has to eat within the daily caloric requirement to lose weight. Also exercising will help you burn the already exiting accumulated calories that have turned into fat in the body. So with a combination of diet and exercise you can effectively manage your calories and lose weight.

Below are different methods to help you count your calories in your diet and help you lose weight.

Cereals: serving size 1 chapatti(bread) or 1/2 cup rice Calories: 70-120 kcal

Vegetables: 80-100g Calories: 70-100 Kcal

Starchy vegetables: medium sized approx 75 g Calories: 70- 120 Kcal

Fruits: 80-100g Calories: 70-100Kcal

Milk: 1 glass approx 250 ml or 50 g paneer(Cottage Cheese) Calories: 150-200 Kcal

Meat: 55 gm or 1 medium egg  Calories: 65-100 g

Sugars: 5 g (1 teaspoon) Calories: 20 kcal

Fats: 5 g Calories: 45

Learning Food Calories: This is difficult in the beginning but you could still manage. Know how many calories are there in a single medium potatoes (70 calories) and same for other food sources, a slice of bread, cheese, glass of milk etc. So this way its easy to know how much calories you are intaking and whats your requirement for the meal. You will get the calorie info across the internet. Also learn how many calories can you burn in a 20 minute session of running, exercise, swimming, walking or any form of physical activity. This will make you understand how much do you need to exercise in order to burn the stored fat in the body.

Reading Nutritional Label: Even if you eat packaged food and pick up different food packets, even packet contains the nutritional information provided at the back. At the back of the packets you will find the calories that would be consumed by eating the product and help you pick up options keeping weight loss and calorie requirement in mind. Check you the real portion consumed as the energy consumed maybe for 100gms or 100 ml or cetain portion like a spoon full etc. Read the nutritional label properly as it provides the ingredients in ascending order with the ingredient most in the product on first and so on.

Professional: A good diet and exercise program for weight loss would do all the calorie counting, choosing healthy options, managing nutrition like protein, carbs, fats, etc and all that you have to do is just follow the schedule. This is the best option as you have to make not much effort than just following the diet and exercising to burn the calories. Good diet plan also helps you eat to your choices and provides guidelines which would be effective and promote weight loss.

Start managing your calories and see how you can lose weight fast. Fad diets could also result in weight loss but keep in mind that our body requires micro-nutrients like vitamins and minerals which help in better body metabolism and many other functions. Avoid pills, supplements and random weight loss products as there are easier, effective and better methods than them for weight loss.If you are on a calorie control program then substitute processed food with seasonal vegetables and fruits as you would be saving a lot of calories. Sometimes getting used to a diet can make it difficult in switching over to a new program. But the body and mind can be trained. Portion control is must as eating to your calories does not mean that you eat till you are full till your neck.