There is no need to go for an expensive test for lung Functions,done by heavy Spirometry machine available only at office of Specialist for Respiratory Diseases. Breathometer costs only 300/-, is  available at Chemist Shop like Glucometer for blood glucose testing or A BP apparatus to check & Monitor BP at home so that dose of medicine can be adjusted.

Size of Breathometer is about 12 inches,and it can be kept in bag easily.

Our friendly GP does have one in his/her Clinic.

Machine is calibrated and a chart is provided along with it.

One has to Breathe in the 'machine' and breathe out in machine with full force. Calibrations show lung functions in %age.

One can vaguely assess - Normal range , slightly below normal, severe and very severe.

Normal people can use precautions to Fight Pollution - stay indoors , grow more plants , use fresh air only .But No Medicines are needed

Slightly below normal also May not need medicines as it can be a temporary effect due to Exposure to Pollution for long hours.

Reading taken as Severe does need Medication and Need to get Help from a Specialist for Respiratory Diseases. Oxygen therapy given within the clean home does help ,besides medicines.

For Very Severe cases, Oxygen is a Must Therapy Besides other medicines to open up the Respiratory passages and may be small doses of steroids are needed to ward off Severe Phase.

 Steam Therapy is as helpful as Medicines. Do inhale steam for few minutes only. Steam helps to break the polluted Mucous collected at bases of lungs, steam helps to spit out through Mouth. 

Never Swallow Polluted Spit.

Gargles with warm water with salt added does help kill the germs around upper respiratory tract.

Stay indoors is worth Reminding here again.

Go for a walk outdoors ,looking at chart of suspended particles. Exercise at Home is better option to remain in Normal Range of Lung Functions.

Wearing a Mask may be of some help.

Air Purifiers within rooms are suitable if less numbers of people are in same room, otherwise the levels of Carbon Dioxide Inhaled out far Exceeds the Levels of Oxygen in the room.

Let Government look after polluted cities through its own efforts but ultimately Each One of Us have to be Our Own Help.