India is home to 62.7 million diabetics and nearly 1 million deaths are attributed to the seemingly manageable chronic disorder as they fail to monitor their health amidst the falling healthcare system. We believe it's time to debunk several myths around the disorder to help us all better. Let's get started!

Myth 1: Sugar Consumption Is A Major Cause Of Diabetes

False. It's true that a diabetic patient shouldn't actively consume any sugar or processed food item with glucose as the pancreas fails to produce sufficient insulin needed to assimilate the glucose. However, we'd like to make it clear that sugar isn't the cause of diabetes but stress and genetics is. In certain cases, failure of pancreas also lead to such cases.

Myth 2: If We Stop Consuming Sugar, Our Diabetes Will Be Fine

No. Even if you stop consuming sugar directly, there are several components of your food that have sugar and high composition of carbohydrates. For e.g. fruits, cereals and processed foods. It's great that you are conscious about not consuming sugar actively but we encourage you to keep following your diabetologist and keep taking your medications and therapies to manage your diabetes.

Myth 3: Ayurveda Is Incompetent When It Comes To Diabetes

Untrue! Ayurveda has always been one true home for natural treatments for such chronic disorders. Herbs like Kadu Kariyatu Ghan, Karela Ghan, Methi Ghan and Jyeshtimadhu Ghan are some of the most amazing ways to go about managing your diabetes levels. These ingredients when assembled together as a concoction help in managing blood sugar levels and also increases insulin sensitivity.