Gum diseases or periodontal diseases have a proven relationship with many common systemic disorders including some life threatening disorders as coronary artery disease, diabetes, stroke as well as delivery of low birth weight infants.

Therefore to reduce the incidence of prevalence of these threatening disorders, everyone has the responsibility to visit a dentist for regular check ups for not only enhancing the dental health but also to keep a check on these systemic disorders.

Gums inflammation or periodontitis has a high prevalence in the society and almost every other individual has it knowingly or unknowingly. they may initiate systemic inflammation in some individuals and result in aggravation of these problems.

Increased level of systemic inflammation markers such as fibrinogen and c-reactive proteins are an early indicator for cardiovascular diseases.

In case of LBW infants and diabetes also proper maintenance of oral hygiene resulted in significant reduction in risk associated with them.