Often a smile is the catch of the personal aura and a impression deep seated of the personality.Hence braces certainly had taken a front seat treatment option in modern era of dentistry where re-correction of crowding teeth is no-more a strain rather a journey of joy and happiness,but no matter the modalities takes a long duration hence care and safeguard is a must.

BRUSHING---as a foreign body in form of brace is going to be warped around individual teeth and a system of elastic going to embed over the upper as well lower arch whole hence certain awkwardness is there.Proper maintenance of oral hygiene is mandatory and as responsible guardian we need to counsel our kids to habit keeping fair oral condition by twice brushing. Every individual need to do brushing twice  and to keep gargling on ought most care.For brushing brace tooth specialized  toothbrush is available, one need to consult the concern dentist to get them .Using gargling after every food intake will keep gums healthy and no bleeding hence forth will occur.

FOOD-------One can enjoy junks and street vending foods in brace. But need to take care for the chewing as the braces are tagged with elastics in both the arch. Care and smooth chewing taking time is a must.Very hard nuts, sticky bones like chicken lollipop sort should be avoided during course of treatment. Routine food intake with lots of fibers is very favorable and conducive in this course of treatment like apple, pistachio, walnut, milk protein like cottage cheese.But every time one need to do gargling after each food so that inter dental area should not stick with any dietary left remains.

SWIMMING ,PHYSICAL TRAINING IF ANY----If doing swimming or strenuous exercise as a physical fitness programmed care need to take so that any of braces should not go disable from the oral cavity as this will make a distraction of the exercise as well will kill more time for again re-fig the aforesaid.So consulting the concern dentist and making pattern of exercise and physical training is a better choice.Though one can do all sort of exercise in braces without any professional hazard.

BRACE HIDING-----Now a days brace hiding is also a latest fashion. In modern advancement of dental science and material one can hide the brace by going Lingual orthodontics where braces are cast on frame on lingual side of the child and get set lingual. It makes a complete hide of the braces , one can't know even a treatment is going even and it saves a complete aesthetic makeover. But care need to maintain it as lingual thrust is need to take care so do practice of phonetics. It is a very suitable option in recent days but nothing comes as a free launch so though it costs heavily on pocket.

INVIS-ALIGN----A new smart trendy designer device is  available now a days which can re correct crowding of tooth without adopting braces and elastic chains. This is a pre-formed aligner fabricated as per need of the patient and one can choose to use it in a frequency of time in his or her comfort. This  is amazing and completely white or transparent by which dint distract ones attention and as a smooth munch device one can use in office and nobody can notice even. One need to go with gargling and not much care is needed. One need to put forth the device of the specified time lot allotted by the treating dentist and any age group person can use on anterior tooth crowding and very comfortable an option .but fabrication done in dental lab it s a cost worthy treatment.  

ORAL CARE---Excluding brushing and gargling one need to take care of food and healthy diet pattern. As Brace induce a stimulation and a constant moment of tooth hence high chance of gum inflammation and GUM BLEEDING, so taking a lot of vitamin -C,Selenium and anti allergic substance like dates, orange , cut apples, apricots is a additional care one need to take care off. If its a grown up adolescent make sure he is not taking any aerated fructified beer drinking which will make a gum disorder during course of treatment,similar burnt meat and bone nibbling is complete NA-NA  in such conditions.

One need not to be panic for a complex series of treatment now a days for a BRACE adoption.As CAD-CAM scanner are recent trend in modern Dental established clinics and slowly gaining popularity in down town too. Where all u need is a CASH LESS transaction as price set on, then u need to give a scan of your mouth both upper and lower arch then the fabrication of Invisible ALIGNER OR LINGUAL hide brace is ready in a week time and once it sets in your mouth your worrisome is almost over for months. Only need is to do a periodic follow up with your orthodontist or the dentist clinic with the or tho doctor in charge to make modification in time allotted to you.

Last  but not the least is brace , invisible aligner or Lingual HIDE BRACE , what ever may be the treatment , you are going to spend time as well money as well important is a biologic as well beautification of the face of your child , hence definite safeguard is  always a rejoice. Counselling to adjust the frame with his or her routine work, daily school, tutorial is all your responsibility and a  guidance which will make the Yield a suitable joy at the end.Prevention is better than cure.