When the whole world has stopped solely for health reasons, it's high time we take a moment to think about our own immunity. In the ages of contagious infections and spread, what can really help is awareness and precautions at all costs. Especially when the infection crosses the first border of protection, it's time to let your immunity work fight it off for you. Keeping all of this in mind put against the COVID-19 situation, we are here to highlight the role of micronutrients to amplify your immunity.

What Are Micronutrients? 

In a balanced diet, there are five components of food, namely, carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Here, vitamins and minerals are both referred to as micronutrients which not only are essential for our health but also replenish various deficiencies that can otherwise cause our health huge damages.

What Micronutrients Should We Essentially Include In Our Diet?

There's an incredible range of vitamins and minerals that are needed to keep you fit and fine but today, we'll talk about three more minerals that can boost your immunity manifold.

Copper: Originating from metals, this has a huge role to play in the metabolic energy of our system. Ideally infused in our drinking water as it is used to store the same, its ions help in revitalizing the immune system by fighting off microbes. It can also be found in whole grains and should be regularly consumed.

Vitamin A and C: Your diet should contain all the essential vitamins, especially Vitamin A and C. Both the vitamins help in maintaining and repairing the inner lining of internal organs and keeps infectious pathogens at bay. It is essentially found in fresh vegetables and fruits like carrot, tomato, papaya, and citrus fruits respectively.

Zinc: Another micronutrient that can help boost your immunity is Zinc. It is essentially known to help produce immune cells like WBCs (White Blood Cells) and others. It can be found in green vegetables and should be regularly replenished in your body as it cannot be stored.

We hope you'll take care of your diet and include all these essential micronutrients to keep yourself safe and sound with an empowered immunity.